A Place to Connect with Local Businesses

Starting a new business is hard. Finding the right connections is hard. Learning from the mistakes we make is hard. But sometimes we make ourselves believe that these things should be easy.

So how do we make the things that are hard feel more bearable as an entrepreneur? You surround yourself with the right people. The kinds of people who lift you up, validate your feelings and are willing to help you grow in business.

How do you find these people? You find them through connections and networking. Something which, in these times, feel extra difficult.

During the pandemic, we recognized the need for a place for local entrepreneurs of all sizes and industries to go to connect with others. With in-person events shutdown, the need for a virtual community was staring right at us. We all know that the feeling of isolation is strong in entrepreneurs but add in social distancing and it only gets worse. We thrive off connections with others and losing that ability can start to weigh on the mental health of people.

With that being said, we want to welcome you into the TCC Canada Mentorship community, filled with local entrepreneurs and solopreneurs looking to connect with other like-minded businesses. This is a free community for you to join that allows you access to monthly webinar and networking events, weekly discussion groups to join in on, and 1-on-1 calls with people who can help your business grow.

We recognize the hardships businesses are going through right now. It feels unfair at times and extremely lonely when you are in need of support. Our goal is to provide you with that support in a safe space environment to share your struggles and wins. Learning from others can be a huge help but finding the right people can be hard. We’re making it easier.

Get connecting today and find out why we think this platform can help so many entrepreneurs! Join the TCC Canada Mentorship Community for free here.