A Successful 30th Anniversary Event! Thank you!

When TCC Canada was founded in 1992 by Steve Cochrane to fill a void in the real estate market, never in a million years did he expect the high level of success that TCC would reach. Today, 30 years later, we have more than 30 reasons to celebrate how through all this time, his vision is still alive and deeply rooted in our works while continuing to serve as inspiration for current and upcoming projects.

It’s been 30 years of uninterrupted work in changing the real estate office landscape. The flexible office spaces and virtual office programs, available in both Ottawa and Vancouver, and the creation of coworking spaces in some of the most iconic office buildings in Canada, are just a few of the reasons why we decided to hit pause in our schedule and celebrate.

To highlight this important milestone, on Thursday, September 29th in Ottawa, TCC Canada held a celebratory evening with guests and other invitees. As we reflect on this special time, we wish to take a moment to recognize and thank key players that helped make our evening a special and memorable success.

First and foremost, none of this would be possible without our loyal clients. Past or new, our clients are at the center of our success. We thrive thanks to them, and we keep looking for ways to further impress and offer them a one-of-a-kind experience. All while keeping the highest standards for customer service and satisfaction.

A special thanks to Dylan Black, from Boom 99.7, for being such a great emcee (MC) that evening. His professionalism, paired with emotion and laughter, kept the party going. Thank you to Jarrod Goldsmith from Sax Appeal. He and his band’s incredible musical talent provided a great ambiance and left all guests quite impressed. We also would like to thank The Balloons Lady and MDRN Activations for providing a fantastic décor. Another special and warm thank you to Tulips and Maple Catering for their delicious food and thank you to Broadhead Brewery for the refreshing drinks. Lastly, thank you to all those working behind the scenes. Our celebratory evening was a great hit!

We raise our glass to the past 30 years and keep our eyes on the prize: another 30 years of growth, outstanding service, and perpetual success! Cheers!