Adapting Your Business to Fit Your Client’s Needs

Starting a business is a big undertaking. It requires countless hours of dedicated time to get things up and running. Most of the time it’s a single individual or a small group of people who are taking on this big task. Because of this, it can feel like it’s centered around you in the beginning.

But what shifts when you launch the business?

It becomes about the clients.

You hear this saying a lot amongst entrepreneurs. Know your audience, offer services that answer your client’s needs, and provide services that help others. It’s the best way to succeed. When you’re offering a solution to a problem people have, you’ll always have people to serve.

So why stop at your services? Why not adapt your business in other ways to fit your client’s needs?

If your booking system requires your clients to call and book, it can take up a large amount of your workday answering calls. It takes time away from the actual service you’re offering to book new clients. It ends up feeling like a downward spiral where you don’t have enough time to answer calls because you’re performing your services, and then you aren’t getting enough time to perform your services because you have to answer calls! Adapting your business to eliminate this problem could lead to huge revenue growth. A solution to this problem would be a phone service. Acquiring a phone service plan that allows a professional receptionist to answer calls and book in clients for you can free up your time to do the tasks which you started your business for in the first place. No more time spent on trying to balance all areas of business on your own. You control how calls are answered, which calls you take personally, and which ones should be filtered out. It’s the next best thing to answering the calls yourself.

If your business requires you to meet with clients in person, having an office in only one area of the city could lead to lost business. In an era of busy schedules and instant gratification, when searching for businesses to use you’re more than likely going to pick one that is closest to you. Very few people enjoy spending long times in their car commuting place to place. You can adapt your business to eliminate this issue by using a regional presence which allows you to work out of any location across town, whenever you need. Not only does this provide your clients and potential clients with multiple locations to choose from, it gives your business an established and professional appearance.

Times in business have always changed rapidly. Being able to adapt and pivot where necessary is an important part of growth, regardless of your industry. Don’t let business pass you by because you are trying to balance all areas alone. TCC Canada is here to help in anyway possible and one of our strengths is helping you accomplish all that you need to succeed.

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