Selecting The Right Service With TCC Canada

At TCC Canada, we aim to ensure you and your business needs are fully taken care of. We have a large number of main services and add on services which will help you build your business, with ease. With so many options, selecting the right services for your TCC membership can be hard to decide. We want to ensure you’re confident in your choices with us so let’s review what we have to offer you!

TCC Canada Virtual Services

Most new entrepreneurs start by running their business out of their home. It’s like a right of passage in the business world. But what happens when your business starts to outgrow your home but you aren’t ready to make the jump to permanent office space?

You sign up for a virtual office!

Virtual offices are the next step for small businesses looking to scale their business. A virtual office at TCC Canada offers you many amenities that help alleviate the stress of running a business, all while you, p continue working from home. We offer you our professional business address, phone answering service, mail service, and access to our coworking spaces whenever you need it. You’re also offered access to our flexible meeting room spaces, so you can host your professional meetings in a professional space, paying only when you need it.

TCC Canada Meeting Rooms

We understand that not every business starts off ready for a permanent office, but you don’t always want to work solely from your home. Our meeting room spaces are the best in the best to offer you a flexible workspace for meeting clients in a professional environment. Our meeting rooms vary in sizes starting at single person offices, for the days when you just need to get out of the house, to large board rooms which are fully stocked with communication methods such as phones and Zoom communication.

When you use our meeting rooms, you only pay for what you need. We offer flexible contracts which allow you to book only when you need them! We want to help you spend your money strategically, and we do that by giving you flexible booking options at a reasonable price.

TCC Canada Executive Offices Suites

What our clients love about our executive office space is flexibility. With no long term commitment required, you have the option to use rooms on an as-needed or short term basis. On the other hand, should you need office space for an extended period of time, we have various rental options to satisfy your requirements. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of your first professional office or you want to move to a new space in order to address your business’ changing needs, our executive office space solutions can give you the leverage that you need to reach your goals.

Making the jump in your business is scary. We understand that it can be overwhelming! At TCC Canada we want your business to run smoothly. It’s our main goal to provide you with a sense of community and support the whole way through! Reach out today to start your membership with TCC Canada.