TCC Canada Zoom Rooms

How many video calls do you have a day? With the increase of remote working, you’re probably finding yourself on video calls quite often. Whether you’re working from home with children around, or your home office is feeling cluttered, our Zoom Rooms are the perfect fit for you.

What is a Zoom Room?

Our zoom rooms are the perfect space for businesses and entrepreneurs to use while having virtual meetings. Each room is filled with high-quality equipment that is easy for you to use. All you have to do is enter your meeting room number and join the call. We’ve done all the technical work for you so there’s no more fumbling through turning on your camera or getting your audio working! You have the ability to join calls, share your screen, and everything else you use with zoom.

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Why use the Zoom Room?

The Zoom room is perfect for anyone who is required to participate in zoom calls, that doesn’t have a dedicated space for them in their house. At TCC Canada Zoom Rooms, you get a professional background and a quiet space all at a very affordable price! These rooms are also great for students going back to school in fall in a remote learning environment.

To set up your tour of our Zoom Rooms or to inquire about pricing, reach out to us now! These are the way of the future. Let us get you into your Zoom Room today.