The Future of Hybrid Workspace

Many companies are looking a ways to adapt a new style of work coming out of the pandemic. With the past year of working remotely, employees and employers have seen the benefits of working from home. That being said, not everyone wants to stay out of the office in the future the workplace. This hybrid work model and it’s benefits come into play.

Better Cost Management

After months of working remotely, companies are looking to the post covid future. Workplaces have found that even though tasks can be accomplished from home, having a hybrid workspace is beneficial for better cost management, in-person connections, and work-life balance. The hybrid workspace is the perfect way to minimize costs with a mixture of home and office working, giving more freedom to when and where to work. It is also an excellent option for small business planning to downsize their company and not commit to long-term rental costs. Therefore, individuals have the flexibility to pay only for what they are using.

Benefits of In-Person Collaboration

While individuals have said to enjoy working from home and maximize their time by not commuting to work every day, it is also important to keep the human touch in the workplace. Technology has given people flexible and faster communication methods and increased the process of interaction. But, connecting in person with others creates more real talks, and it is easier to build trust and meaningful partnerships than it is digitally. And, of course, we cannot forget how long it will take a person to send an email thread to a colleague about an important topic that could have been discussed easily in a five-minute conversation with immediate feedback. It also allows open communications that can’t be mimicked online.

Providing employees with a balanced work-life

Companies are also permitting their employees to continue to work remotely for some time, and others are looking to have their employees back on different schedules as an excellent resource to control the workspace while taking relevant precautions for securing a safe workspace post-pandemic. Physical presence may be necessary for meetings and orientations. Some say that changing the scenery will elevate their creativity—a short meet-up at a colleague’s desk or a short talk during a break. People also tend to learn more from seeing; it is essential to see how your college or boss behaves in certain situations, and learn from this professionally, which we cannot have with only online interactions. Research has shown that “in person, collaboration leads to more commitment, support and collaboration among people” Thus, being part of a new hybrid work-life will allow companies to focus entirely on their work. At the same time, we at TCC will provide the best resources to run the office.

Here at TCC Canada we can offer a variety of flexible office spaces ranging from day offices to be used as needed to Independent Team Headquarters which can provide your employees a space to go to as they please. Minimize the overhead costs of large leases and downsize your space to what you’ll use.