What is A Third Workspace

We’re seeing the trends show that more and more large corporations are incorporating the third workspace into their options for their employees, creating more flexibility in the workplace while minimizing large overhead costs. Over a year into the pandemic, we’re seeing more people dealing with the burnout of working from home with minimal resources available to them. The third workspace is something that could help alleviate that burnout feeling while still creating a safe environment for employees to work from.

Up until a year ago, the thought of working from home was not one that crossed many businesses’ minds. The pandemic forced many companies to quickly adapt to the changing times and involved many shifts and pivots to accommodate the new normal. Now that the year has passed, a trend we’re noticing is for some businesses, the work from home option is actually in their favour. It’s allowing them to minimize big overhead costs of large leases and rentals to run their company. That being said, there is still the worry of fatigue and burnout while working from home. Minimal in-person interaction starts to have an effect on employees, especially when most of their contact with other co-workers are through Zoom meetings and email exchanges. On a side note, if you’re looking for more “water cooler” interactions, check out this post we wrote on how we can help your company improve the interactions while employees work from home.

It was this reason we wanted to introduce you to the concept of a third workspace. A place where your employees can go to work out of the house, but not back in the big office. It allows for flexibility in location, as TCC Canada has a regional presence across Ottawa, and helps cut back on costs by fitting into a budget that works for you. Just imagine the productivity increase that can happen when you offer multiple solutions for your employees to really succeed in! It is fully customizable, allowing you to set up a space that your company can to grow to it’s full potential in.

By this point, the third workspace is probably feeling too good to be true, and maybe even unattainable for smaller businesses. Let us reassure you, this option is one for everyone. It is custom to your business and will look slightly different for everyone. We aim to create a space that your company can thrive in so that may mean single offices available across the city. It may mean multiple Independent Team Headquarters in different ends of Ottawa. Maybe it’s a bit of both? The opportunities are endless!

TCC Canada- The Corporate Centre is here to serve your business. Let us grow together in these challenging times. Reach out today to get more information on setting up a third workspace that works best for you.