What is phone service and do you need it?

You may have heard of phone service in your search for shared office space services but do you know what it means? Do you find yourself asking if you even need a phone service? You may think this is a service you can skip, but trust us, you’re going to want phone services with your package at TCC Canada.

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TCC Canada Phone Services

If you’re just starting your business, chances are you the person behind everything. You’re the marketing team, the customer service team, the outreach team, and everything in between. When you sign up for phone service with TCC Canada, we’re helping take the small stuff off of your plate. We provide you with a professional receptionist who will answer and screen your calls at your discretion.

This is a great service for businesses at all levels as it serves a purpose to everyone. For smaller businesses, phone service gives you the upper hand against competitors by portraying your business in an extremely professional and organized manner. It provides you with the safety of using our professional phone number instead of your personal phone number, as well. Your phone service is completely customizable, allowing you to answer the calls you want and have the rest handled by us exactly the way you’d like.

For the larger more established businesses, phone service gives you your time back. It allows us to help you with the smaller tasks so you can regain your time in your day. Let us answer your calls and book your appointments for you so you can spend more time working with your clients. This service allows you to spend your time doing tasks that will push your business forward.

How To Sign Up for TCC Canada Phone Service

Signing up for your TCC Canada phone service is easy and affordable. When you sign up for phone service, your working on a flexible contract which means you can change your plan easily. To sign up for phone service you can call us at 613-566-7000 or send us a message through the form below. We’d love to answer your questions and help get you started today! Our phone service is offered at all of our locations.

At TCC Canada we want your business to run smoothly. It’s our main goal to provide you with a sense of community and support the whole way through! Reach out today to start your membership with TCC Canada.